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Efficiency -> Productivity -> Creativity

Efficiency is a given now , high productivity aided by intelligent systems will become a norm, so what is our role? In this age of automated & continuous testing, efficiency gains are given and productivity is on the increase. In this era of AI systems, it is time we shift from productivity to creativity.

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Blockchain – What, How & Where

This article is a short primer on Blockchain outlining ‘What is blockchain technology’, ‘How does it work’ and ‘Where is it useful’. Curated from four articles which are nice and easy reads.

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habits to healthy code

Seven habits to healthy code

Healthy code is not about just working correctly. It is about future-proofing, maintainability, adaptability, reusability and so on. As in real life where face shines when you are in the pink of health, beautiful code also shines!

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Deep Dive into software testing

Deep dive to rapidly understand an entity

Deep dive is about going deeper by going through available spec, by exploring it, and using information from past experiences to rapidly understand an entity. This is done rapidly with a sharp focus and a 360 vision in eight steps.

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SmartQA smart coverage pic

The smart coverage framework

T Ashok @ash_thiru on Twitter Summary Coverage, an indicator of test effectiveness is really multidimensional and has not been dealt with rigour most often(excepting for

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7 Pictures to 'doing SmartQA

7 Pictures to ‘Doing SmartQA’

A mashup of three articles published as part of SmartQA digest over the last few months that outlines mindsets needed to brilliant code, tips to produce clean code and habits to speed up evaluation

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