Interesting articles that go beyond the confines of typical testing, to think expansively and smarter.
These span across mindset and habits, thinking and problem solving approaches etc.

Efficiency -> Productivity -> Creativity

Efficiency is a given now , high productivity aided by intelligent systems will become a norm, so what is our role? In this age of automated & continuous testing, efficiency gains are given and productivity is on the increase. In this era of AI systems, it is time we shift from productivity to creativity.

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SmartQA smart coverage pic

The smart coverage framework

T Ashok @ash_thiru on Twitter Summary Coverage, an indicator of test effectiveness is really multidimensional and has not been dealt with rigour most often(excepting for

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CIO Views on Quality Featured Image

CIO views on Quality

SummaryThis article is about views on quality from CIOs curated from a list of interesting articles. It is felt that solution quality is one of

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