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Featured image of article "Five thoughts on doing SmartQA"

FIVE thoughts on ‘Doing SmartQA’

What does it take to do SmartQA? How can I do less and accomplish more? What parts of this are human-powered & machine-assisted? A short crisp article outlining some thoughts, SIX for now on what it takes to do SmartQA.

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Seven consecutive errors = A Catastrophe

“A typical accident takes seven consecutive errors” states Malcolm Gladwell this notion is reflected in the Mark Buchanan’s book “Ubiquity”. This article dwells upon ‘How do you ensure that potential critical failures lurking in systems that have matured can still be uncovered?’

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featured image of article 22 tips to smart dev and test

22 tips to smart dev & test

TEN tips for a developer to enable delivery of brilliant code and TWELVE tips to become a modern smart tester is what this article is about. Curated from two earlier articles that I wrote.

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Featured image of article "A quick primer on AI"

A quick primer on AI

This article is curated from SIX articles as a quick primer on AI. Starting with glossary on AI, it delves into tacit knowledge as codified via ML going onto to understanding the difference between ML & AI. A quick peek into deep learning and challenges of explaining the patterns ending with a interesting piece AI written by an AI program

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Featured image of article 15 categories of tooling for digital test automation

15 categories of tooling for digital test automation

In this article I have tried picture(ise) the landscape of the plethora of tools for testing software which has moved away from just testing to build-test-deploy in a continuous manner. Keeping the interesting visual I have listed the FIFTEEN broad categories of tools that make up the modern digital testing landscape.

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Featured image of article "Automation in isolation is a problem!"

Automation in isolation is more of a problem!

Automating test execution in isolation ends up being more of a problem than a solution. Any automation solution either to enhance quality and to improve test cycles should encompass the tasks across test discipline. Automation should be considered a lever to meet the business objectives and not an objective itself.

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