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The evolution of test

Earlier days we used to have three different teams – configuration management team to build the product, development that develops and hacks in software and test team that tests the system.

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What is big data/analytics?

Analytics is a buzzword these days. But quite honestly, we have been doing analytics for a long time. If you think about it, the animals flight or fight response is analytics.

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Qa Skills for Digital world

QA skills for digital world

Skills and competencies are most important. One needs to understand that it is not just the business or it’s not just the technology, it is both. One needs to acquire multiple skills.

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Enterprise customers and Quality

Enterprise Customers & Quality

Expectations are getting changed due to the disruptive nature of technology. Most of the people in some domains are on legacy platforms. Moving onto a digital platform definitely changes the role of QA, this needs to be planned.

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