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Good testing is a great combination of intellect, techniques, process and heuristics. What does it take to do brilliant testing ? It requires one to be immersed in the act, be focussed yet unbounded, be keenly observant but non-judgemental, with outcomes that are beautiful, the activity so joyful that time stops. A state of flow. What does it take to get there? Read about this in this week’s beEnriched article “Be in a Flow. Test Brilliantly“.
Girish Elchuri says it is important to understand the big picture, put yourself in every role, inject probes to test better and concludes by stating that attitude is key to probing  the design, in this week’s smartbits video Adopting DFT thinking.
Check out this week’s postern in the SmartQA home page – Good testing happens when you combine left with right. Brilliant testing happens when you are in state of flow.”
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