Interesting articles that enriches validation/quality activities we do, to do differently and smarter.
These consist of tips, suggestions, contrarian approaches and smart checklists etc.

featured image of article 22 tips to smart dev and test

22 tips to smart dev & test

TEN tips for a developer to enable delivery of brilliant code and TWELVE tips to become a modern smart tester is what this article is about. Curated from two earlier articles that I wrote.

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The Power of Geometry

A good running form, a great cycling geometry becomes essential to delivering higher performance with no increase in power output in running and cycling respectively.

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Role of Abilities, Checklists & Tests for Accessibility article

Role of Abilities, Checklists & Tests for Accessibility

Evaluating accessibility by using only able-bodied people(testers) or by enabling accessibility only via use of checklists are not useful. The simplest tests to ensure a complex application is well covered via ‘only testing using the keyboard’, ‘relying on the spoken word to navigate’, ‘using high contrast mode of display’ & ‘disabling certain options in the browser’ (for web apps). This article is the curated from four interesting articles.

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