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What is ‘Digital Testing’?

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Shivaji Raju Expert Architect, Allstate Solutions in a conversation with T Ashok


Shivaji Raju outlines four key aspects of “What is Digital Testing” as testing on multiple browsers/mobile devices/IOT devices, testing services and non-functional attributes of cloud deployed applications.

#1 One of the aspects of digital testing is obviously testing on browsers and mobile devices. It’s not just about testing on one browser type or maybe few devices. The need has changed significantly now as products need to work on a plethora of devices. So you need to ensure that the product is validated against all browser types and all device types.

#2 The second aspect is in testing services, given the micro-services coming and service based architecture. It is therefore needed to ensure that services are validated, so you need to have an approach to test these services.

#3 In the digital world where you have various connected devices that may be on vehicle, home, or security devices. These need to tested with the endpoints, which could be services or backend components.

#4 The other aspect is cloud, with applications that are deployed on the cloud. So functionality testing might not vary significantly when compared to traditional on premise vs cloud, but non-functional attributes have to be validated. Attributes like your load, performance and security maybe compatibility need to be specially considered when it comes to the cloud deployed apps.

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