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Role of human intellect in QA ( Sudhir’s view)

With the way artificial intelligence and machine learning is coming into play, there will come a time where a developer doesn’t need to write code. Just tell the chat bot, the business logic that you are thinking, it spits out the code. In fact, to some extent it’s happening today where the template code is ready.  Just plug in the business code, even in the testing world that is going to happen. Someday automation is going to be so intelligent which can be termed as intelligent automation systems where one just points at the software . Let’s take for example a UI automation, just point it to the URL. It probably captures everything. There is no need for human intervention. And it self-corrects whenever the things change in the  website or URL.

Sometimes when we say test automation, we unfortunately focus only on UI automation, whereas a big birth piece of the world actually is platform automation because as companies are transforming themselves to be known as platform organizations in the world. There is more technology on the platform side. The human interface on the UI side will minimize itself and this is where the transformation of the shift is probably focusing more on the  backend side The front end is going to be driven through mostly intelligent systems.

Our intervention as quality Engineers on the front-end side will get minimized over a period of time. Whereas on the piece of code. Ain’t always requires you to focus on code. It is not easy for any computer system or whatever system you build to understand the piece of code and magically write a unit test code. Because you understand the code and you can write the computer systems, can write positive and negative test cases, but that may be about 50% of the coverage the remaining 50% of the coverage on the code comes still through human. That is where the intellect is still needed. no chatbots, nothing will take over. 

In summary, you talked about extreme ownership and one side you talked about , the entire notion of going from black to white shift left  and then of course the end you said UI will kind of go away and then you will need intelligent people intelligent thinking to still be around in the back end and you kind of subsumed at the end the ownership card game that you know, the ownership now is extreme and you ultimately talked about meeting-less  collaboration. 

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