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Role of human intellect in QA

Roles of human Intellect

(In this SmartBits, Shivaji Raju outlines Role of human intellect in QA“. The video is at the end of this blog)

Tools & technology certainly bring in a lot of efficiencies and improves user experience, but I believe that human intellect is definitely required for SmartQA. Let’s take an example of test coverage. We definitely require intellect to validate coverage to ensure that we have the optimal set of test cases. If we were to relate this to automation, we need intellect to ensure that we have an optimal distribution of test cases across different layers as tools would not be able to do it. We as a human or an engineer would validate what is a right fit, what is the right distribution between UI or services testing.

The second example is that we need human intelligence to devise strategies to build frameworks. When we build frameworks, usage of design patterns or best practices, human intellect is required. The third example is exploratory testing, where we uncover some really interesting defects in addition to the running the scripts.

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