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When testing a new platform that we are building, I encountered a bunch of issues around the corners. A variety of corners each little different, it was interesting to see patterns of how bugs crept in. These interesting observations are what I have penned down in this week’s article 8 Heuristics for identifying  corner cases for testing

Corners are interesting as they are subtle, invisible really. They could be complex with many things that intersect and therefore display an unique behaviour. They may not be necessarily symmetrical at ends, nor be similar to behaviour in the middle.

As a developer focused on solving a problem for typical or generic cases one may not see the interesting extremities. For example we do everything right for a system in normal state, but miss out what happens when it is brought up the first time. This article outlines eight heuristics I discovered when testing a product that we were building, a SaaS platform. The heuristics outlined are based these aspects : Time, Lifecycle, Transformation, Position,Space, Size, Linkages and Limit.

The eight heuristics illustrated by the pictures above are crisply elaborated in the article. Click here to read the article.

Today’s QA demands deductive ability of a mathematician, creativity of an artist, mind of an engineer and value perception of a businessman. And what else? A lovely crisp  two minute video outlines these as TEN Suggestions for SmartQA



TEN Suggestions for SmartQA

SmartQA is a beautiful combination of thinking styles, a mindset of brilliance and minimalism, tech prowess, heightened clarity, great design and meaningful pauses, outlined as ten suggestions in this crisp 2-minute video.


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