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The sufficiency of test cases has always been an interesting challenge.The cliched notion of code coverage is sadly insufficient, being an unidimensional measure. “The smart coverage framework” outlines a refreshingly simple picture as a smart coverage framework.
In this edition of SmartBites are four snippets of brilliant advice from Sudhir, Zulfikar, Girish & Jawahar – “Have extreme ownership mindset”, “Focus on the big picture”, “Build with quality, not test after” and “Understand operating conditions & implementation to test well” as SmartAdvice #1

Oh, in this week’s SmartBits, Srinivasan Desikan outlines “The evolution of dev” and what it means to testing.


SmartQA smart coverage pic

The smart coverage framework

T Ashok @ash_thiru on Twitter Summary Coverage, an indicator of test effectiveness is really multidimensional and has not been dealt with rigour most often(excepting for

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Necessary but not sufficient book

Necessary but not Sufficient

I have been a great fan of Dr Goldratt having read all this books, my favourite being his first book “The Goal”. This book “Necessary but not Sufficient” is written as a “business novel” and shows the fictional application of the Theory of Constraints to Enterprise resource planning (ERP) and operations software and organizations using that software.

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Tame complexity by breaking it own. If you cannot chew, prepare are to be eaten






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