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Prevention occurs due to good understanding. Detection occurs due to good understanding. Understanding of what is needed, what is stated and what is implemented. The beEnriched section article outlines two tools for doing this –  “TWO tools to aid smart understanding“.
Testability impacts deliverability. When it’s easier for testers to locate issues, it gets debugged more quickly, application gets to the user faster and without hidden glitches Listen to the short video “Design for testability” from Girish Elchuri in this week’s smartbits.
Oh, this week’s SmartBites is about “Expectations from enterprise customers and what it means to QA” from Sriramadesikan.



Black box thinking

Learning from failures .The inside story of how success really happens and how we cannot grow unless we learn from our mistakes.

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"It takes people with diFFerent disabilities, both visible and invisible, to build a software program that works well For everyone" by Sheri Byrne-Haber






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