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#18 – “Accessibility #2”

SmartQA digest2

SmartQA Digest

Welcome to another edition of SmartQA Digest, the Second of TWO part theme on “Accessibility”. Listen to Anuradha Biswas’s video on “the HOW of accessibility”. The featured article is also on “HOW to validate accessibility”. 

We have enhanced the SmartQA Digest with brilliant galleries of all the SmartBites, Posters, Articles. See the NEW “smartbits” gallery. Check these out at the end of SmartQA Digest page.
Role of Abilities, Checklists & Tests for Accessibility article

Role of Abilities, Checklists & Tests for Accessibility

Evaluating accessibility by using only able-bodied people(testers) or by enabling accessibility only via use of checklists are not useful. The simplest tests to ensure a complex application is well covered via ‘only testing using the keyboard’, ‘relying on the spoken word to navigate’, ‘using high contrast mode of display’ & ‘disabling certain options in the browser’ (for web apps). This article is the curated from four interesting articles.

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"It takes people with diFFerent disabilities, both visible and invisible, to build a software program that works well For everyone" by Sheri Byrne-Haber




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